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CAD software is constantly evolving, however, colleges, instruction manuals and some online tuition continue to teach outdated methods. Even if you are only using CAD in a non-working environment, a professional approach should be maintained, as you may need to provide files for manufacture or an estimate at some point. This will also encourage good habits from the beginning.

Here at Aeroform 3D we teach the methods that our instructors are using day in and day out in a variety of industries.

Our Story


Aeroform 3D was created by Mike Freeman after it became apparent that many new users in the workplace had been taught outdated techniques and skills that were no longer applicable.

We believe in teaching the skills required in the workplace today rather than teaching to an outdated curriculum.

With over 40,000 students in over 140 countries worldwide, we continue to grow and add new courses all the time.


Meet our Lead Instructor

With over 25 years of experience as a CAD Designer in a wide variety of disciplines, Mike is also an Autodesk Certified Professional in AutoCAD for Design and Drafting.

Mike started on a drawing board learning traditional drafting skills and witnessed the introduction of CAD software into the industry. Originally starting on the very basic AutoCAD release 10, Mike has used every version of AutoCAD since, as well as becoming skilled in various other CAD software packages.

This has given Mike a unique insight into how best to utilize these great tools in the real-world environment.

Over the course of his career, he has trained countless people in the use of these tools. Most of this training was geared towards getting staff members up & running with this software as quickly as possible, and as a result, he developed his own method that gets students actually creating drawings straight away, adding new techniques as they progress.

I look forward to helping you get started and working with you over the course of your development.

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